AQ-4025 replacement filter set for Aquasana water filters

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AQ-4035 Replacement Filter for AQ-4000, AQ-4500, AQ-4501, AQ-4600, AQ-4601

with the new Aquasana Claryum™ technology

After devoting 18 months to redesigning and reformulating the company's filter cartridges, Aquasana has created its most powerful and best-performing filtration systems to-date. Unique in both design and functionality, the new Aquasana Claryum™ Filtration Technology features three distinct stages, including activated carbon, ion exchange and sub-micron filtration. Together, this unique combination forces water under pressure over more than two million square feet of surface area of contaminant-grabbing filtration material — the equivalent of almost 35 football fields. In addition to reducing a comprehensive list of chemicals and contaminants, Claryum's™ patent-pending selective filtration technology reduces odor and improves the taste of tap water while also preserving its healthiest minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium for optimum hydration — which are vital for growth, development and overall health and wellness.

Key features of the Aquasana Claryum™ technology include

  • NSF certified to standards 42 and 53
  • Superior contaminant reduction from the unique triple-process filter technology
  • Great taste from the healthy minerals that stay in your water
  • Long lasting filters that provide 500 gallons or six months of crisp, clear, healthy water

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