3-Stage Under Counter Water Filter

Designed to be the best performing filter on the market, our newest drinking water system provides superior water filtration and is now NSF Certified to remove 97% of chlorine and chloramines.

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Replacement filters for the Aquasana 3-Stage Drinking Water System, Model Number AQ-5300.


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The all new 500 ml Aqua-Canteen™ is the perfect way to "Bottle Your Own™" with healthy aquasana® filtered water!

This durable, food grade, stainless steel water bottle has no chemical liner and is completely BPA free. Even our lid is made of stainless steel to prevent any contact with plastic.

Our convenient design has a wide mouth which allows for ice cubes, fruit wedges or drink mixes and is dishwasher safe.
It also includes a durable sport clip for on the go use!
Plastic bottles and bottles with plastic lids all leach traces of certain chemicals into the water they contact. The Aqua-Canteen™ all stainless bottle and lid is the answer to keeping your water pure and fresh.

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Water Bottle Koozy for Steel or Glass Bottle.

Small koozy fits 500ml blue stainless steel bottle.

Great to take to school, work, the gym...on the go!

The durable neoprene tote offers breakage protection and insulation to keep your water safe and cool.

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